Sorry for neglecting this site…

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Hey gang, really sorry for neglecting this site and not posting for some time. We are dedicated to providing quality content on beauty and eye care but took some time off. Will be back soon…

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Removing dark circles under your eyes

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Dark-Circles     There are many articles about removing dark circles under you eyes and many of them contain advice which promotes some kind of chemical compound as the best dark circles removal technique right now. But you shouldn’t listen to those adds, because they might have serious consequences you will dislike. If you would ask me how I deal with those problems I would tell you that the best under eye treatment is done with products of nature. And for that I will list some of the best products that will help you remove dark circles under your eyes. So, avoid using pharmaceutical products for dark circles under eyes and use one of these:

Almond Oil is natural ingredient which his beneficial for delicate skin, namely for skin under your eyes. Regular use of Almond Oil will be the best dark circles removal treatment you need. Vitamin E oil has same effect, so you can use it instead of Almond Oil.

Woman-with-cucumber-on-eyesCucumber has natural skin-lightening properties which will help you get rid of those dark circles. Standard way of using cucumber is to slice it in thick pieces and chill them in refrigerator. After that place them on your eyes for 10 minutes. Repeat that twice every day until you get your desired result. Then you can mix cucumber juice with lemon juice and use cotton balls to apply that mixture to the dark circles.

Raw potato is also an ingredient that will remove dark circles under your eyes. Extract its juice and use cotton ball to apply it to desired area and wait for around 10 to 15 minutes then wash it off. Repeat this every day, once or twice until you erase those dark circles.

Out of all dark circles removal ingredients one of the best is rose water. It rejuvenates the skin that is affected and has mild astringent properties as well. It is applied in same fashion as previously mentioned ingredients. But for the best effect you should soak those cotton balls for several hours in the rose water.


Believe it or not tomato is also great for under eye treatment, because it has skin bleaching properties which work great on dark circles. You can use tomato juice only for this treatment, but it will work better if you mix it with lemon juice (2 parts of tomato juice and one part of lemon juice). Apply that to the dark circles and rest for 10 minus after which you should rinse it off.

Get rid of dark circles by using this simple home ingredients

Last ingredient on this list that is used for removal of dark circles under your eyes is lemon juice. Apply it to the dark circles with cotton ball and rinse it off after 10 minutes and repeat that once a day until your dark circles disappear. If you sense burning sensation on your skin then it means that your body is reacting badly to lemon and its properties and you should stop using it. But don’t worry, there are other ingredients that I listed here that will do the trick.

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